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Private Equity 14 June 2017

Private Equity

We provide venture capital to private companies in preferred industries. Capital investments are intended to support new

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Joint Venture 14 June 2017

Joint Venture

We enter into Joint Ventures with well-defined exit strategies.

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Acquisition 14 June 2017


We acquire individual companies with potential turnaround opportunities.

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Advisory Services 14 June 2017

Advisory Services

With our collective expertise and experience, we offer advisory services that help the clients meet their short and long-term

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Financial Assistance 14 June 2017

Financial Assistance

We provide access to financing through our affiliate, Active Alliance Finance Corporation. It offers services such as

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Business Registration 14 June 2017

Business Registration

Registering your business can be quite tedious and time-consuming. We are offering our assistance in acquiring business

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